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Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs)

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What are BIPs?

  • Short, intensive innovative programmes that combine a physical mobility abroad with a virtual part
  • They can be open to students and HEI staff (as learners)
  • The compulsory virtual component (before, during or after the physical mobility) must bring the learners together online to work collectively and simultaneously on specific assignments that are integrated in the BIP and count towards the overall learning outcomes
  • The BIP should have added value compared to existing courses or trainings offered by the participating HEIs and can be multiannual


Participating Organisations

  • A BIP must be developed and implemented by at least 3 HEIs coming from at least 3 EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme
  • The coordinating HEI receives funding for the development and organization of the BIP depending on the number of incoming participants
  • To be eligible for organisational support, a blended intensive programme needs to involve a minimum of 15 Erasmus+ mobile learners (excluding coordinating participants)


Participants in BIPs

  • Participants are awarded an Erasmus grant for the physical component by the sending HEI (for blended short-term student mobility for studies or blended staff mobility for training)



  • Physical component: 5 - 30 days
  • No minimum or maximum duration of the virtual component
  • The combined virtual and physical components must award a minimum of 3 ECTS credits for students

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