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Interdisciplinary Research, Tools and Applications for Art and Architecture in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean

6STARC is committed to cross-disciplinary approaches in the study and protection of artistic and architectural heritage in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean. Center researchers are engaging an array of scientific and technological tools and applications that can offer new knowledge to major research questions in the history and archaeology of Cyprus and the broader region. Furthermore, the inter-disciplinary exploration of art and architecture leads to new knowledge that contributes to their preservation for future generations. Additionally, it promotes tourism and educational interest in the island, thus contributing to job creation and education. A network of close collaborations with local archaeological and cultural heritage authorities, museums, as well as, research and academic institutions museums provide the necessary research framework in Cyprus. These efforts enhanced through high-level international collaborations, disseminated in presentations/ publications and, co-funded through competitive, private and internal funding.

Of primary significance is the collaboration with the Department of Antiquities for the preparation of Management Plans for the World Heritage Sites in Cyprus (Choirokoitia, Paphos, Troodos painted medieval churches). This effort is supported by UNESCO and is aimed at protection of heritage sites and their surounding natural environment. The preparation of the Management Plan for the celebrated prehistoric site of Choirokoitia was submitted to UNESCO in April 2012. STARC and Department of Antiquities collaboration has been extended to the study and selection of monuments and sites in the European Heritage list.

1The center is also working with the Nicosia Municipality/ Nicosia Master Plan and the Department of Antiquities for the study, management, sustainable development and preservation of the historic walled city of Nicosia. Collaboration framework includes the preparation of numerous research proposals and initiatives as well as the engagement of student research (Fulbright, U. of Minnesota fellowships, CyI PhD projects, Graduate seminars etc), in the study of the historic city.

Besides Nicosia, other medieval and post-medieval sites and Byzantine religious monuments in Cyprus, Rhodes, Chios and Crete, are studied in the context of the Marie Curie (IRG) project "Tracing Identity in the Eastern Mediterranean" (TIEM), supported by the European Commission until 2013.

The aforementioned efforts are supported by specialized facilities such as STARLAB and the Imaging Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. The application of RTI photography in an array of objects from the collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, the Leventis Municipal Museum, as well as, wall paintings at the church of St. Herakleidios of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the monastery of St. John Labadistis in Kalopanayiotis, has provided a broad array of new opportunities for research in art history, architectural history and archaeology.

Related Projects: 3D-ICONS; TIEM Marie Curie Grant; Cyprus UNESCO World Heritage Sites (collaborative project supported by UNESCO); EMAP
CyI People:

Nikolas Bakirtzis, Ropertos Georgiou, L. Kalisperis, G. Artopoulos, D. Constantinidou, C. Roditou, Woody Hanson (Fulbright Scholar)

Key Partners: Cyprus Department of Antiquities;  University of California, Davis (US); University of Minnesota (US); Columbia University (US); University of Illinois (US); Penn State University (US); Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia; Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation;
Selected Publications: CyI, Dept. of Antiquities, and Choirokoitia French Archaelogical Mission, (2012), Choirokoitia Management Plan: Preserving and Promoting Archaeological, Environmental and Scientific Heritage, Collaborative report to be submitted to UNESCO in Spring 2012.
Bakirtzis, N. (2012) Architecture and the Monastic Experience, Cambridge World History of Religious Architecture, ed. Richard Etlin (Cambridge University Press: Accepted and reviewed for publication)

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