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Environmental Predictions

The Environmental Predictions area is structured into two units:

  • The “Model Development and Forecasting” unit that is responsible for numerical modelling and data analysis, the development of process parameterisations, the optimisation of computer codes for the latest generation High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, and the pursuit of forecasting applications.
  • The “Earth System Analysis” unit whose aim is to pursue the chain of knowledge from processes to impacts, through the analysis of observations, model studies that focus on system understanding and feedback mechanisms, scenario calculations, climate change downscaling for the EMME and Cyprus, and impact assessments.
The Environmental Predictions department is dedicated to the study of the role of anthropogenic emissions in biogeochemical cycles, air quality and climate change with a focus on the EMME region. Tasks will encompass the implementation of the new ICON modelling system, including its use in inverse GHG emission modelling studies. Until the ICON system is operational, the department will continue working on applications with the established global EMAC and regional WRF models. This includes air quality and dust forecasting, hazard risk assessments and climate modelling and downscaling from global to national scale. The gradual introduction of ICON will replace these modelling tools over an estimated period of five years.

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