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Research Infrastructure Units

The aim of the Research Infrastructure Units is to provide the necessary support to ensure that CARE-C sustains excellent environmental research at an advanced level and will provide a critical mass of highly qualified technical experts. These units do not perform scientific research per se, but rather operate like a resource centre, providing instrumentation, information (data), and technical support for the development of the Centre’s Research and Innovation agenda. The units’ purpose is to supply research departments with environmental data and support CARE-C’s scientific vision. The units’ state-of-the-art instrumentation and technological expertise provides hands-on practical support for the Centre’s education and training programme. It also feeds the new Centre with additional financial resources and better sustain its development and long-term operation, by generating new business and job opportunities in the region with public/private stakeholders.

The following Research Infrastructure Units are part of the Centre:


MoLa, CAO, and EC will provide new environmental observations. They will be nurtured by IL and USRL which will provide cost-effective UAV-sensors and by ECL for the provision of off-line chemical analyses of GHG, reactive gases and aerosol samples. The Atmosphere and Climate Data Centre (DAC) represents the core of the new RI unit. Supported by the CyI HPC (Cy-Tera) facility, DAC will process the very large quantities of atmospheric and climate data obtained by the different experimental and computer facilities into different quality controlled and formatted data products that will be available for all the departments as well as external users and stakeholders.

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