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Staffed with technological experts with international profiles the Innovation department will be a central component of the new centre in its function to generate and diversify revenues. It will transfer the most promising innovative products/services from the research departments and bring them to a higher Technical Readiness Level (TRL) leveraging the resources of the Research Infrastructure Unit (its world-class facilities and its state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation). It will share its latest developments internally with the research departments to enhance their scientific excellence. It will also leverage the National Eco-Innovation Cluster to promote technology transfer, generate and manage IP, encourage spin-off and spin-out, and coordinate new consortia to fundraise in competitive innovation-oriented calls.

In its the first years the department will support the implementation of boost projects on innovation to maximise the utilisation rate of the upgraded R&D capacities of the new Centre of Excellence. By doing so this department will enhance the Centre’s visibility and reputation in the innovation area and promote a robust R&D culture within the Centre that will ensure its financial stability and sustainable growth.

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