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Graduate School

The Cyprus Institute’s Graduate School Mission

The Graduate School’s Mission is to attract and maintain a diverse, international cohort of highly competitive young scholars fully integrated in its cutting-edge research activities, providing them with the theoretical and applied knowledge needed to lead tomorrow’s information frontier.

The Cyprus Institute’s Graduate School is an accredited, degree-granting institution of higher education working diligently to become a regional center of educational excellence. It exclusively offers graduate programs and is committed to attracting competitive students from all parts of the world, providing them with modern knowledge and skills to serve innovative areas of science, society and tomorrow's economy.

The Educational portfolio of CyI’s graduate school consists of PhD degree programs and MSc programs along with a training portfolio which includes internships, schools, seminars and workshops. Graduate studies at CyI Graduate School are research-oriented, providing the opportunity to students to work alongside distinguished faculty, get trained in the use of cutting- edge methods and techniques, have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and carry out research within internationally recognized research teams. The School provides an educational environment where excellence in education and research are fostered through interdisciplinary collaborations addressing regional problems of global significance.


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The Graduate School is supported by the Office of Graduate Studies. The Office is made up of a group of experienced professionals, committed to providing quality support services to students, faculty and staff related to the Graduate School. The Office of Graduate Studies is responsible for the administration of educational and training programs at CyI and it serves as the Admissions and Recruiting Office, the Registrar’s Office, the Student Affairs Office, National and International Affairs Office, Office of Educational Programs and the Erasmus Office.




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