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Before, During and After the Mobility

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All mobility participants must always consult the Erasmus+ Outgoing Mobility Participant Checklist regarding the documentation to be submitted to the CyI Erasmus Office and the corresponding timeline.



Successful applicants receive an email from the Erasmus Office informing them on the amount of the Erasmus+ grant they will receive (please check the information on financial support below) as well as on the documentation to be completed and be sent to CyI Erasmus Office.

The following documents are required:
  1. Invitation/Acceptance letter from the receiving institution
  2. Learning/Mobility Agreement (completed and signed by the participant, sending and receiving institution)
  3. Evidence of adequate insurance coverage: health insurance;* accident and liability insurance (compulsory for traineeship mobilities)

* In the case of intra-European mobility, the participant’s national health insurance will include a basic coverage during their stay in another EU country through the European Health Insurance Card. However, this coverage may not be sufficient for all situations, for example in case of repatriation or special medical intervention or in case of international mobility. In that case, a complementary private health insurance may be needed.

In addition to the above, insurance against loss or theft of documents, travel tickets and luggage is recommended.

  1. Grant Agreement (prepared by Erasmus Office)
  2. Request for Leave of Absence for Business Travel (download form from Procurement Hub)
  3. Tickets invoice
  4. Payment Acknowledgement (for students receiving 80% before the start of the mobility)



Participants must immediately inform the Erasmus+ Office about any changes in their study/training/teaching plan. All changes have to be recorded in the Learning/Mobility agreement.



Upon their return, participants have to send/complete the following documents:

  1. Traineeship/Teaching Certificate (issued by the receiving institution)
  2. Learning/Mobility Agreement ("After the mobility" section completed and signed)
  3. Travel evidence (boarding passes)
  4. Copy of transcript of records (issued by the receiving institution for student mobilities for studies)
  5. Participant report (the link to the form will be sent automatically through the Erasmus Beneficiary Module - this is a pre-requisite for the payment of the full grant amount)
  6. Reimbursement form (download form from Procurement Hub)
  7. Payment Acknowledgment


Financial Support

All mobility participants are eligible to receive an Erasmus+ grant, which consists of:

  1. A travel support grant
  2. An individual support grant
Students receive 80% of the total grant amount before or at the beginning of their mobility and the remaining 20% after their return, subject to their submission of the Participant Report (to be completed electronically through the link sent from the Erasmus+ Beneficiary Module). Failure to submit the Participant Report will result in forfeiture of the entire or part of the Erasmus+ grant.
Staff receive the total grant amount upon their return and their submission of the Participant Report.


1. Travel Support

The travel support grant amount is fixed and is calculated based on travel distance between the sending institution and the venue of the mobility activity. Travel distances are calculated using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission (the distance of a one-way travel is used to calculate the grant for the round trip).

Travel distances


10 – 99 km

23 EUR

100 – 499 km

180 EUR

500 – 1999 km

275 EUR

2000 – 2999 km

360 EUR

3000 – 3999 km

530 EUR

4000 – 7999 km

820 EUR

8000 km or more

1500 EUR


2. Individual Support Grant


Students implementing long-term mobilities receive a monthly amount that is defined by the National Agency. The Erasmus Office will notify participants on the amount they are eligible to receive as soon as their application for a mobility is approved.
Students implementing short-term mobilities (5-30 days) receive a daily amount, defined by the EU commission. The Erasmus Office will notify participants on the amount they are eligible to receive as soon as their application for a mobility is approved.


Staff receive a daily amount depending on the country of the receiving institution. The amounts are determined by the CyI Erasmus Office in accordance with the minimum and maximum ranges provided by the European Commission.

Top-ups for Participants with Fewer Opportunities

Erasmus+ offers a top-up for participants with fewer opportunities. Applicants should indicate in their application for an Erasmus+ mobility if they are eligible to receive the Top-up for participants with fewer opportunities. Additional evidence will be requested. Please check the section on Participants with fewer opportunities.


Terms for Approved Mobilities

  • No other contribution from EU funds can be associated with the Erasmus+ mobility.
  • Change of the dates of the mobility is possible if sufficient justification is provided. The deadline for changing the dates of a mobility is min. 2 months before the originally planned starting date of the mobility or the new date (whichever comes earlier).
  • Requests for the change of dates of the mobility submitted later than 2 months before the date of the mobility will result in the cancellation of the mobility.
  • Cancellation of the mobility by the participant without serious justification later than 1 month before the planned date will result in non-eligibility of the participant for applying in the next call for applications.
  • Interruption of the mobility is allowed only subject to approval from the CyI Erasmus Office. Interruption of the mobility will only be considered for serious reasons.

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