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Connecting Industry with Cutting-Edge Research: CyI Organizes Second Industry Day Event Featured


CyI’s Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC), in its capacity as Cyprus’ National Competence Center for High Performance Computing (HPC), hosted its second “Industry Day” event on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024. Organized under the EuroCC2 project, the event aimed to strengthen the collaboration between Cypriot businesses and leading CaSToRC researchers. The initiative highlights CaSToRC’s commitment to integrating advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), HPC, Computational Modelling, and Data Analytics, into the operational workflows of Cypriot enterprises.
Building on the success of the inaugural “Industry Day” held in January 2024, this follow-up event showcased the potential of technological collaboration. The event featured insightful presentations from prominent Cypriot companies at the forefront of technological innovation. Participants included the German Oncology Center, RetailZoom, Suite5, Hello Radius, Moving Doors, Electi, Malloc, Efevre Tech, Vet ex machina, Novatex Solutions Ltd, ECECT, Intellar AI and Vettaky. These companies specialize in areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics, AI, laboratory automation, in-house technology solutions, software development, and more.
The companies are vital to the national economy, significantly supporting local businesses and generating a positive impact throughout the country. Their commitment to embracing new technologies, driving innovation and aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is demonstrated by their efforts to enhance operational efficiency and future-proof their operations.
The event also underscores CyI’s dedication to promoting sustainable economic growth in Cyprus during the era of AI and advanced computing. With the Institute’s state-of-the-art facilities and expertise now more accessible to the private sector, the gap between fundamental and industrial research is effectively bridged.
In his welcome address, CaSToRC Director and PI of EuroCC2 in Cyprus, Prof. Constantine Dovrolis, gave a brief introduction on CaSToRC and the EuroCC2 project. “EuroCC2 is a pan-European project, involving over 30 countries, with the main objective of advancing the competencies of European communities in High-Performance Computing and High-Performance Data Analytics. EuroCC2 aims to promote advanced technologies in Cyprus, with a focus on HPC, HPDA, machine learning, artificial intelligence and computational modeling/simulation. The main aims for EuroCC2 in Cyprus include strengthening these technical competencies of the island, advancing competitiveness in research and innovation, improving the effectiveness of government services and promoting innovation by engaging with industry”, he highlighted.
CyI President, Prof. Stavros Malas noted that part of the mission of CyI is not only to perform research and educate researchers, but also to help the ecosystem and private sector innovate. “Innovation is a two-way process: developing ideas and taking them to the market and providing tools and expertise to the industry to help it improve. The facilities we have here are national assets. However, we haven’t developed a national High-Performance Computing strategy in Cyprus, despite the work done at CyI and European initiatives”, he stated.
Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), Dr. Demetris Skourides, noted that the event bridges the gap between research organizations and industry, and comes at the right time, highlighting the work done on emerging technologies among businesses. “The tools, skills, capabilities, and infrastructure provided are actually here, at The Cyprus Institute. This is a valuable opportunity for the Cypriot industry to engage with CaSToRC researchers, extend capabilities beyond just research, and bring them to practical applications. The EuroCC2 project is a strategic initiative that importantly contributes to this culture by providing access to training and support resources, industry knowledge, and leveraging technology. The Cyprus Institute is a game-changer and key partner, showcasing how technologies and AI supercomputing capabilities build solutions that pave the way between the Middle East and Europe, enabling us to play an important role in these fields”, he added.
Industrial participants were introduced to CaSToRC’s expertise and industrial engagement activities by Managing Coordinator for Industrial and Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations, Dr Panayiota Katsamba.
The event featured an inspirational success story underscoring the strong potential of cross-disciplinary partnerships. Dr. Constantinos Zampoglou and Dr. Yiannis Roussakis from the German Oncology Center presented a success story of leveraging collaboration with CaSToRC’s expertise in machine learning and conventional statistics for healthcare projects. One project focused on using non-invasive methods for cancer detection and characterization, while the other used AI to gather important medical data.
Bespoke presentations on advanced computing technologies and their industrial potential, highlighting the applications of their work in HPC, AI/ML, and High-Performance Data Analytics, were delivered by CaSToRC faculty, research staff, and technology experts. These sessions provided a comprehensive overview of the center’s technical expertise and demonstrated the practical impact of their research. Additionally, the event featured case studies of successful past collaborations between CaSToRC and various Cypriot companies, showcasing tangible benefits and innovative outcomes. The presentations included:
  • Constantinos Dovrolis, who discussed “Generative AI in Business – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
  • Mihalis Nicolaou, who addressed “AI in the Era of Deployment”
  • Giannis Koutsou, who covered “Trends in High Performance Computing”
  • Leonidas Christodoulou, who explored “Transformative Applications of Data Science in Modern Industry”
  • Charalambos Chrysostomou, who delved into “Data Analysis and Machine Learning in Health Data”
The event concluded with presentations given by the representatives from the participating companies, expected to pave the way for future partnerships, driving technological advancement and fostering economic growth within the local industry.
The Cyprus Institute is dedicated to supporting Cyprus’s economic development through innovative research and collaboration, and such events continue similar engagements strategically designed to forge closer ties between companies across various sectors, and strengthening CyI’s position as a leader in digital and green transition.

About the EuroCC2

The EuroCC2 project is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus (received funding from the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (JU), Cyprus (co-funded by the EU within the framework of the Cohesion Policy Programme “THALIA 2021-2027”) and the participating countries in the project under grant agreement No 101101903).

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