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DIAMOND: Delivering the Next Generation of Open Integrated Assessment Models for Net-Zero, Sustainable Development

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In this project, CyI will further develop and considerably enhance the CLEWs (Climate-Land-Energy-Water) Integrated Assessment Model. Specifically, CyI will develop a CLEWs-EU aggregated regional model, in which the EU will be represented as a single node; develop a CLEWs-EU disaggregated model, in which the level of spatial resolution will extend to the member state  level; adopt a more detailed temporal resolution by breaking down the model to at least 12 time-steps, which will consist of three seasons and four typical day-parts within each season to capture both peaks in demand, as well as variability in renewable energy availability; and enhance the model’s technological detail to increase the options that will make net-zero emission pathways technically feasible.


Constantinos Taliotis


Contact person

Theodoros Zachariadis



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National Technical University of Athens (coordinator)

Imperial College London

Basque Centre for Climate Change, Spain

Maastricht University, Netherlands

Centre of Economic Scenario Analysis and Research, Austria

ETH Zurich

SEURECO (Société Européenne d’Economie), France

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Comillas Pontifical University, Spain

ISINNOVA, the Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems, Italy

University College London

E3Modelling, Greece

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