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ES 407: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AST)

Course Title

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

Course Code

ES 407

Course Type

Track Mandatory (Atmospheric Sciences Track)



Year / Semester

1st / 2nd (Subject to change)

Instructor’s Name

Efstratios Bourtsoukidis (Lead Instructor), Nikolaos Mihalopoulos, Jean Sciare, George Biskos, Mihalis Vrekoussis, Franco Marenco, Charbel Afif, Minas Iakovides, Michael Pikridas, Spyros Bezantakos, Maria Kezoudi, Konstantia Oikonomou



Lectures / week

1 (1h)

Laboratories / week

1 (2h)

Course Purpose and Objectives

The course aims to provide: Scientific and Technical knowledge applied to the experimental characterization of the atmosphere. Air quality instrumentation; on-line in-situ atmospheric sensors for aerosol chemical/physical/optical properties; Laboratory techniques for environmental analyses of trace elements (ions, carbon, trace metals, trace organics).

Hands-on training in the CyI analytical and instrumentation laboratories and at the Cyprus Atmospheric Observatory at Agia Marina Xyliatou (calibration, operation); data processing and interpretation.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course students should be competent in: understanding fundamental techniques used in atmospheric sciences for in-situ characterization of gaseous and aerosol pollutants; operating/calibrating (as end-user) a range of in-situ atmospheric instrumentation; have basic knowledge on the principles and technical skills related to the chemical analysis of trace elements.




Course Content

1.  Air Pollution Sources and Properties, Fundamental (Lecture)

2.  Air Quality Measurement Techniques, Fundamental (Lecture)

3.  Aerosol & Gas Measurement Techniques, Fundamental Part I (Lecture)

4.  Aerosol & Gas Measurement Techniques, Fundamental Part II (Lecture)

5.  Aerosol Measurement Techniques, Hands-on Part I (Field)

6.  Aerosol Measurement Techniques, Hands-on Part II (Field)

7.  Gas Measurement Techniques, Hands-on (Field)

8.  Miniaturized Aerosol Instrumentation, Hands-on (Lab)

9.  Miniaturized Aerosol Instrumentation, Hands-on (Field, UAV)

10.  Analytical Techniques in Environ.   Chem., Part I (Fundamental, Lecture)

11.  Analytical Techniques in Environ.   Chem., Part II (Fundamental, Lecture)

12.  Analytical Techniques in Environ.   Chem., Part III (Fundamental, Lecture)

13.  Ion Chromatography (Hands-on, Lab)

14.  GC-MS, Part I, Sample Preparation (Hands-on, Lab)

15.  GC-MS, Part II, Analysis and Interpretation (Hands-on, Lab)

Teaching Methodology

Lectures. Seminars. Laboratory courses. Field studies. Literature Reviews. Computing (data processing)


Seinfeld, J. and Pandis, S. 1998, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics: From Air Pollution to Climate Change, Wiley Interscience, New York.

Quantitative Chemical Analysis by Harris

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry by Skoog


Coursework and exam



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