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Webinar: Factoring RSA-250 with PRACE

Event Details:

  • Date:              Tuesday, 16 November 2021
  • Time:             Starts: 16:00
  • Venue:           Live streaming of the discussion will be available on Zoom (Password: VsSCz1).
  • Speaker:      Prof. Paul Zimmerman, Research Fellow, INRIA

 NCC Seminar Series

 CaSToRC, the HPC National Competence Centre,
invites you to the EuroCC Online Seminar Series


The webinar will be in English and the live stream is open to the public.
Live streaming of the discussion will be available on Zoom (Password: VsSCz1)
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In February 2020, RSA-250 was factored into two prime numbers of 125 digits, which is the current world record for integer factorization. This computation used the equivalent of 2700 core-years of an Intel Xeon Gold 6130. In particular, we benefited from an allocation of 32M hours on the PRACE research infrastructure using resources at the Juelich Supercomputing Center in Germany.

This talk will give an overview of the algorithm used, and explain how PRACE was useful to speed up this computation.

About the Speaker

Prof Paul ZimmermanPaul Zimmermann received his PhD in Computer Science at École Polytechnique and is a computational mathematician and research fellow at INRIA. His interests include asymptotically fast arithmetic. He has developed some of the fastest available code for manipulating polynomials, and for calculating hypergeometric constants to billions of decimal places.
He is associated with the CARAMEL project to develop efficient arithmetic, in a general context and in particular in the context of algebraic curves of small genus. He is also interested in computational number theory. In particular, he has contributed to some of the record computations in integer factorisation and discrete logarithm. He has been an active developer of the GMP-ECM implementation of the elliptic curve method for integer factorisation and of MPFR, an arbitrary precision floating point library with correct rounding.
He is also a co-author of the CADO-NFS software tool, which was used to factor RSA-240 in record time.


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Additional Info

  • Date: Tuesday, 16 November 2021
  • Time: Starts: 16:00
  • Speaker: Prof. Paul Zimmerman, Research Fellow, INRIA

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