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Colloquium: Using Tree-Rings to Date and Write History

Event Details:

  • Date:          Wednesday, 4 August 2021
  • Time:         Starts: 20:30
  • Venue:       Amphitheatre Costas Stefanis, The Cyprus Institute, Aglantzia
                       Live streaming is available on The Cyprus Institute YouTube channel and on our Facebook channel.
  • Speaker:    Sturt Manning, Professor, Cornell University, USA & The Cyprus Institute

RSVP: Monday, 2nd of August 2021

The webinar will be in English and the live stream is open to the public.
Live streaming is available on The Cyprus Institute YouTube channel and on our Facebook channel.
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Tree-rings are extraordinary archives of information. The growth patterns recorded, and chemistry stored within the cellulose of each tree-ring, can potentially provide key information for architectural history, art history, archaeology, palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental studies, and much more, ranging from dating information to the sources of wood used in the past, to records of past fires, temperature and rainfall.

This presentation will look at recent work in Cyprus, the east Mediterranean, and North America and a number of important new contributions from tree-rings that write or re-write history. Examples include the resolution of Old Assyrian/Old Babylonian chronology in the earlier second millennium BC, a unique monumental wooden structure in northern Italy from the mid-second millennium BC, closely dating the 4th century BC Mazotos shipwreck off the south coast of Cyprus, investigating the Byzantine to Ottoman heritage of Cyprus, and reconsidering the accepted timeline for Indigenous sites during the period of initial European contact, invasion and then settlement in North America.

About the Speaker

Prof. Sturt Manning

sturt manningSturt Manning is Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences in Classics at Cornell University, USA, and Director of the Cornell Tree Ring Laboratory. He is also Professor at The Cyprus Institute. After Bachelor and Master degrees in Australia, he obtained his PhD at the University of Cambridge and subsequently worked at the University of Reading and then the University of Toronto before his current position.

He has carried out archaeological or archaeological science/tree-ring projects extensively in the Mediterranean, especially the east Mediterranean, as well as North America, Mexico and China. Current research projects include the wooden heritage of Cyprus, the Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environments Project, the dendrochronology of northwest Mexico, the Vasca Votiva in northern Italy, Levantine dendroarchaeology, and the Dating Iroquoia project in northeast North America.


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Additional Info

  • Date: Wednesday, 4 August 2021
  • Time: Starts: 20:30
  • Speaker: Prof. Sturt Manning, Professor, Cornell University, USA & The Cyprus Institute

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