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Elisa Bellantoni

Elisa Bellantoni

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PhD Student / Graduate Research Fellow +357 22 208 700

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Elisa is a PhD student at CaSToRC taking part in the European Joint Doctorate program on Advanced computing, QuanTum algorIthms and data-driVen Approaches for science, Technology and Engineering (AQTIVATE). Her research work focuses on wetting hydrodynamics and multi-phase and multi-component flows employing AI methodologies.

She holds a BSc and MSc in Physics from the University of Ferrara, Italy. She did her MSc thesis at the Eindhoven University of Technology as an Erasmus+ student, working on the theoretical development and implementation of a lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) for fluid flows simulations on spherical surfaces.

Research interests:

 - Computational Fluid Dynamics
 - Lattice Boltzmann simulations
 - Wetting hydrodynamics
 - Multi-phase and multi-component fluid flows

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